Why the Public Charter School Model Works

May 24, 2022

Why Charter Schools?

Charter schools in Tennessee lead the way on innovative techniques, best practices and community partnerships to take academic achievement to the next level. From cutting-edge science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) pathways to social-emotional learning initiatives and workforce development programs, our next generation schools help scholars gain in-demand skills in the classroom and putting them to work through real-world applications and experiences.
The coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all and public charter schools have not been immune. Yet, with a lot of heart and innovation, Tennessee’s public charter schools have continued to provide high-quality education even as COVID-19 has drastically changed the way our schools operate.

As non-profit entities, public charter schools also have a community governing board that supports the school’s ability to stay aligned to the needs of the specific school and also helps hold the school accountable. This allows for making key decisions internally based on individual school communities. The ability to be nimble and adapt quickly to needs inside the school is a part of the very nature of the charter school model.
When faced with the coronavirus crisis, public charter schools worked hard to move quickly to make decisions about closures, establish plans for distance learning, divert resources to facilitate online learning, and create specific solutions based on the needs of their communities for everything from food distribution to providing social-emotional support for students and families. The dedication, innovation, and adaptability of Tennessee public charter school leaders and staff have meant more of the needs of students and families have been met during this unprecedented time so that every child is able to continue to learn and succeed.

As we celebrate National Charter Schools Week, we are dedicated to recognizing the ways public charter schools have overcome significant challenges and continued to go above and beyond for their students and families.

The Tennessee Charter School Center (TCSC) is the first charter school support organization in the country that simultaneously creates and advocates on behalf of high-quality charter schools and the students and families they serve. Its vision is for all students in Tennessee to have access to a high-quality public education. Regardless of where they live, Tennessee students must have the opportunity to attend a public school that prepares them for success in the post-secondary education, college, or career of their choosing.