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Raising the bar of excellence

We are raising the bar of excellence and ensuring all children in Tennessee have access to high-quality education. Our mission to develop and support high-performing public charter schools and drive change in public education stems from our belief in:

Quality & Excellence

All families deserve to actualize a high quality public education that will provide the foundation for future success and growth. We also believe that we, our schools, districts and other committed partners in this work are equally responsible for ensuring quality and excellence as the standard for the services we provide our students.


Academic and opportunity gaps are real in our public education system. With this in mind, it is essential that we work to create an equitable environment for all of our families that is rooted in social justice and sparks sustainable change. From equal funding across schools, fair distribution of quality teachers and legitimate access to a variety of meaningful experiences that foster growth and opportunity, equity is key in closing achievement gaps and expanding opportunities.


Diversity drives change and understanding. We believe that diversity at all levels – from professional backgrounds to race and gender – is paramount to our individual and our communities’ ability to demonstrate empathy for others, appreciate experiences and think critically about our own personal beliefs and biases.


There is always an opportunity to learn and grow from others. In order to achieve the vision of all students accessing and realizing a high quality education, it is important that we work with, for and alongside a variety of partners, stakeholders and communities.


We operate with honesty, care and candor to build trusting relationships with our communities. We have the courage to have difficult conversations, admit mistakes and stand up for the right thing to do on behalf of children, even if it is not always the most popular. The success of Tennessee charter schools has not come without its share of challenges and opportunities, but by working together, we can turn choices into change.

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