What is National Charter Schools Week?

May 2, 2022

National Charter Schools Week is the annual celebration of public charter schools and the movement to support the charter school model.
As schools across Tennessee moved to distance learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, public charter schools showed the strength and resilience of their school leaders, teachers, students, parents, and communities. This week is dedicated to recognizing the ways public charter schools have continued to go above and beyond for their students and families during these unprecedented times.
With a lot of heart and innovation, Tennessee’s public charter schools have continued to provide high-quality education even as COVID-19 has significantly changed the way schools operate. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, educators have found thoughtful and empathetic ways to stay engaged with their students and help alleviate many of the added stresses felt by their families. This work may often go unrecognized, but we want to shine a light on the unsung heroes who are raising the bar for all of us.
All week, TCSC will be sharing stories that demonstrate the heart of Tennessee public charter schools and the ways they have cared for students families throughout this crisis. We encourage you to follow along on our social media platforms and learn more on the supporting pages of this site.

The Tennessee Charter School Center (TCSC) is the first charter school support organization in the country that simultaneously creates and advocates on behalf of high-quality charter schools and the students and families they serve. Its vision is for all students in Tennessee to have access to a high-quality public education. Regardless of where they live, Tennessee students must have the opportunity to attend a public school that prepares them for success in the post-secondary education, college, or career of their choosing.