2022 Changemaker Charter Schools

September 16, 2022
Educators at Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus celebrated their school’s exciting academic growth.

This year, the Tennessee Charter School Center announced our first ever Changemaker Charter Schools List for grades K-8, and will celebrate high school Changemaker Charter Schools in Spring 2023. Particularly in light of the unique challenges of combating learning losses following the significantly disrupted school years in 2020 and 2021, in reviewing 2022 TNReady data, TCSC focused on schools that not only helped students avoid or recover any learning losses but also found ways to help students achieve beyond even their pre-pandemic proficiency levels. While there are many markers of success that are worthy of honor, in seeking to recognize schools for having a unique impact, this is the achievement TCSC is excited to recognize with the Changemaker Charter School List. This month, each school on the list will receive a banner, complete with the categories they qualified in, to display on campus.

With this K-8  list based on TNReady results, TCSC is pleased to honor public charter schools that utilized their unique nimbleness and autonomy to support student success in both proficiency and growth particularly during this unique set of school years. There are two different categories of criteria determining honors. The schools honored on the 2022 Changemaker Charter School list (K-8) are: 

  • ELA and/or Math: Public charter schools that are in the top 25% of all public schools in the state for the significance of increase over 2019 in proficient students in ELA, Math, or both on the 2021-22 TNReady assessment along with level 3 or higher TVAAS growth in the same subjects
  • Overall: Public charter schools performing in the top 25% of all public schools in the state for percentage of proficient students in both ELA and Math on the 2021-22 TNReady assessment along with level 3 or higher TVAAS growth in both subjects. 

“The hard work of the educators and students at each of the schools on the Changemaker Charter School List has put them among the highest performing schools in the state in terms of making great strides in student proficiency,” says Dr. Maya M. Bugg, CEO and President of the Tennessee Charter School Center, who will join the TCSC team in delivering Changemaker Charter School List banners to schools across the state on Sept. 16, 2022.  “This would be significant any year, but we know that navigating the challenges of a pandemic learning environment and achieving at this level have required unique dedication and creativity, and for that our team is proud to commend these public charter schools.” 

The success of these schools, and their traditional peers, is great news for their students and communities. It is also good news for all schools in our state, because the Changemaker Charter School List schools are already identifying and sharing best practices that helped their students make unique progress. Innovating and then sharing new ideas that make significant change for students is a key part of the charter school model, and the Tennessee Charter School Center looks forward to sharing replicable strategies from this year’s Changemaker Charter Schools, and those in the years to come.  


OVERALL (Top 25% of all schools in state for total percentage of proficient students + 3 or above TVAAS composite)

ELA/Math composite TVAASDistrictPercent Meets/Exceeds ELAELA Percentile RankPercent Meets/Exceeds MathMath Percentile Rank
Valor Flagship Academy5MNPS59%92%62.5%92%
Valor Voyager Academy5MNPS54.6%89%61.3%91%
Nashville Classical Charter School5MNPS47.7%83%50.6%84%
Purpose Preparatory Academy5MNPS58.4%91%46.8%78%
KIPP Antioch College Prep Elementary School5TPCSC42.6%76%46.5%77%

ELA (Top 25% of all schools in state for proficiency growth + 3 or above subject matter TVAAS) 

SchoolTVAAS [ELA]DistrictPercent Meets/Exceeds – ELA FY19Percent Meets/Exceeds – ELA FY22% Point ChangePercentile Rank
Memphis STEM Academy5SCS17.1%31.3%14.297%
City University School Girls Preparatory5SCS7.1%21.2%14.197%
Journey Community Schools East Academy3SCS11.4%24.3%12.995%
Promise Academy – Spring Hill5ASD7.2%19.4%12.295%
Power Center Academy Hickory Hill Elementary School5SCS8.4%19.1%10.792%
Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus5ASD10%18.7%8.787%
Purpose Preparatory Academy5MNPS51.6%58.4%6.879%
Freedom Prep Whitehaven Elementary at Millbranch5SCS11.7%18.3%6.678%
Strive Collegiate Academy5MNPS20.5%26.6%6.176%
Ivy Academy4HCDE33.3%38.9%5.675%

MATH (top 25% of all schools in state for proficiency growth + 3 or above subject matter TVAAS)

SchoolTVAAS [Math]DistrictPercent Meets/Exceeds – Math FY19Percent Meets/Exceeds – Math FY22% Point ChangePercentile Rank
Smithson Craighead Academy5MNPS25.6%32%6.495%
Explore! Community School5MNPS13.6%17.9%4.391%
Emerald Academy3Knox17.4%21.5%4.191%
Purpose Preparatory Academy5MNPS45.2%46.8%1.685%
Promise Academy – Spring Hill4ASD12.7%14%1.384%
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