The Tennessee Charter School Center is the first charter school support organization in the country that simultaneously creates and advocates on behalf of high quality charter schools and the students and families they serve. Our vision is for all students in Tennessee to have access to a high quality public education.

Regardless of where they live, Tennessee students must have the opportunity to attend a public school that prepares them for success in the post-secondary education, college, or career of their choosing.  To this end, our mission is to support and cultivate high performing charter schools and advocate for autonomy, accountability, and choice across public education in Tennessee.

Our Commitment to QualityIMG_2519

We believe the opportunity to educate students is a privilege and a public trust.
In exchange for that privilege and the autonomy they are afforded, public charter schools are held highly accountable for the academic, operational and financial performance of the schools they run.  This is the charter school promise.  At the Center, we take this promise seriously and promote its fulfillment by offering services and advocating for policies that ensure

  • High performing schools have the resources and conditions they need to thrive in Tennessee.
  • High potential schools have the support they need to achieve and sustain excellence.
  • Low performing schools are not allowed to persist without intervention and, in some cases, closure.

Because of our emphasis on quality, we are not a membership organization and do not advocate on behalf of any particular school or schools.  Instead, we are driven by our mission to serve students and families, advocate for the conditions and resources that facilitate quality, and represent a coalition of schools that are committed to and endorse our School Quality Framework.

Our History

In the summer of 2013, the Tennessee Charter School Incubator and the Tennessee Charter Schools Association announced the formation of the Tennessee Charter School Center. This new organization – which merges the resources and functions of both groups — was created to leverage the strengths of both organizations (charter school incubation and support and policy and advocacy) and to respond to the strong demand for high-quality charter schools across the state.  The mission of the Center is to support and cultivate high performing public charter schools and advocate for autonomy, accountability, and choice in public education.  Establishing an entity that can provide on-going, comprehensive support to the growing charter sector in Tennessee and advocate for policies informed by this work will be a primary focus of the new Center.