DGC_6915Growing parent demand: In 2003, one Nashville charter school opened to serve nearly 150 students. Since then, public charter schools have grown to serve an estimated 8,000 students across 29 schools in 2015-16 thanks to overwhelming parent demand for high-quality public school options.

Current landscape: Currently, only one in five students in Nashville is enrolled in a high-quality public school. This means that far too many students are trapped in schools that are not providing them a high-quality education.

Student achievement:

Currently, Nashville public charter schools are over-represented on the state’s designation of Reward Schools for MNPS. 6 of 14 MNPS Reward Schools are public charter schools. Of the 9 non-selective MNPS schools on the Reward List, 6 are public charter schools. This year’s list of state recognized Reward Schools are:

  • KIPP Academy Nashville
  • LEAD Academy
  • New Vision Academy
  • Liberty Collegiate Academy
  • LEAD Prep Southeast
  • Intrepid College Prep

On average, students attending Tennessee charter school students receive a better education than their peers in district schools. According to the 2013 CREDO study from Stanford University, Tennessee’s charter school students gained the equivalent of an additional 86 days of learning in reading and 72 days in mathematics in comparison to their traditional public school counterparts. These results were among the highest of all states studied.


Brick Church College Prep* (LEAD PS)615-806-63172835 Brick Church Pike Nashville, TN 372075th-8th
Cameron College Prep (LEAD PS)615-806-63201034 1st Avenue Nashville, TN 372105th-8th
East End Preparatory School615-630-74701460 McGavock Pike Nashville, TN 37216K-4th
Explore! Community School615-784-8222217 S. 10th Street Nashville, TN 37206K
Intrepid College Prep615-200-01315432 Bell Forge Lane East Antioch, TN 370135th-7th
KIPP Academy Nashville (KIPP Nashville)615-226-4484, x 1123 Douglas Ave Nashville, TN 372075th-8th
KIPP Nashville College Prep (KIPP Nashville)615-226-4484, x 23410 Knight Drive Nashville, TN 372075-7th
KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School (KIPP Nashville)615-226-4484, x 3123 Douglas Ave Nashville, TN 372079th-10th
KIPP Kirkpatrick (KIPP Nashville)615-226-4484, x 51000 Sevier Street Nashville, TN 37206K-1
Knowledge Academies615-810-83705320 Hickory Hollow Pkwy Antioch, TN 37013 5th-8th
Knowledge Academy High School615-810-83705320 Hickory Hollow Pkwy Antioch, TN 37013 9th
LEAD Academy Middle School (LEAD PS)615-352-12532835 Brick Church Pike Nashville, TN 372075th-8th
LEAD Academy High School (LEAD PS)615-327-54221704 Heiman Street Nashville, TN 372089th-12th
LEAD Prep Southeast (LEAD PS)615-584-6649531 Metroplex Drive Nashville, TN 372115th-7th
Liberty Collegiate Academy (RePublic Schools)615-564-19653515 Gallatin Road Nashville, TN 372165th-8th
Nashville Academy of Computer Science (RePublic Schools)615-921-50003230 Brick Church Pike Nashville, TN 37207
Nashville Classical Charter School615-538-58411310 Ordway Nashville, TN 37206K-2nd
Nashville Prep (RePublic Schools)615-921-84401300 56th Avenue North Nashville, TN 372095th-8th
Neely's Bend College Prep* (LEAD PS)615-806-63171251 Neely's Bend Road Madison, TN 371155th
New Vision Academy615-360-1115297 Plus Park Boulevard Nashville, TN 372175th-8th
Purpose Prep615-724-0705220 Venture Circle, Nashville 37228K-2nd
RePublic High School (RePublic Schools)615-921-66203307 Brick Church Pike Nashville, TN 37207
Rocketship Northeast Nashville615-650-55602526 Dickerson Pike Nashville, TN 37207K-4th
Rocketship United Academy615-650-5560320 Plus Park Blvd
Nashville, TN 37217
Smithson Craighead Academy615-228-9886730 Neely's Bend Rd Madison, TN 37115K-4th
STEM Preparatory Academy615-921-22001162 Foster Ave Nashville, TN 372105th-8th
STEM Prep High School615-921-22001162 Foster Ave Nashville, TN 372109th
STRIVE Collegiate Academy615-645-64403055 Lebanon Pike Nashville, TN 372145th
Valor Flagship Academy615-823-79824527 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 372075th-6th
Valor Voyager Academy615-823-79824527 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 372075th-6th
*Denotes ASD charter. Students zoned to state Priority schools are eligible to attend an ASD charter.
Coming 2016-17: