Cesar ReadingGrowing parent demand: In 2003, four Memphis charter schools opened to serve 175 students. Since then, charter schools have grown exponentially due to overwhelming parent demand for high-quality public school options.

Current landscape: Today, there are more than 19,000 students enrolled in 64 charter schools in Memphis. The city is now one of the top 50 school districts in the nation for charter school enrollment, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Student achievement: Public charter schools that were recently named 2015 State Reward Schools include:

  • Power Center Academy Middle
  • Power Center Academy High
  • Memphis Business Academy Elementary
  • Memphis Business Academy Middle
  • Memphis Business Academy High
  • Star Academy
  • KIPP Memphis Middle Academy

On average, students attending Tennessee charter school students receive a better education than their peers in district schools. According to Stanford University’s national CREDO study, Tennessee’s charter school students gained the equivalent of an additional 86 days of learning in reading and 72 days in mathematics in comparison to their traditional public school counterparts. These results were among the highest of all states studied.


Arrow Academy645 Semmes Street, Memphis 38111K-3rd901-207-1891
Aspire Coleman Elementary School*3210 Raleigh-Millington Road, Memphis 38128PK-7th901-567-7068
Aspire East International6870 Winchester Road, Memphis 38115 K-1st901-646-6516
Aspire Hanley Elementary School 1*680 Hanley Street, Memphis 38114PK-8th901-567-7084
Aspire Hanley Elementary School 2*680 Hanley Street, Memphis 38114PK-5th901-567-7084
Aurora Collegiate Academy Inc.3804 Given Avenue, Memphis 38122K-5th901-249-4615
Circle of Success Learning Academy867 South Parkway E, Memphis 38106K-5th901-322-7978
City University Boys Preparatory Academy1475 East Shelby Drive, Memphis 381166th-8th901-775-2219
City University Girls Preparatory Academy1475 East Shelby Drive, Memphis 381166th-8th901-775-2219
City University School of Liberal Arts1500 Dunn Avenue, Memphis 381069th-12th901-775-2219
City University School of Independence1475 East Shelby Drive, Memphis 381169th901-775-2219
Cornerstone Prep- Lester Campus*320 Carpenter Street, Memphis 38112PK-5th901-416-3640
Cornerstone Prep- Denver Elementary*1940 Frayser Blvd, Memphis 38127PK-5th901-416-3640
Fairley High School*4950 Fairley Rd.
Memphis, TN 38109
Freedom Preparatory Academy Elementary3398 Graves Rd. , Memphis, TN 38116K-1901-590-8416
Freedom Preparatory Academy Elementary - Westwood*778 Parkrose Memphis TN 38109PreK-5th901-881-1149
Freedom Preparatory Academy Middle778 Parkrose Memphis TN 381096th-8th901-881-1149
Freedom Preparatory Academy High School5132 Jonetta St, Memphis 381099th-12th901-259-5959
Granville T. Woods Academy of Innovation3824 Austin Peay Hwy Memphis, TN 38128K-8th901-800-1209
Grad Academy Memphis*1880 Prospect Street
Memphis, TN 38106
Humes Preparatory Academy*659 North Manassas Street, Memphis 381075th-8th901-310-1332
KIPP Memphis Academy Elementary*2248 Shannon Avenue, Memphis 38108K-2nd901-881-5130
KIPP Memphis Academy Middle School2110 Howell Avenue, Memphis 381075th-8th901-791-9793
KIPP Memphis Preparatory Elementary*2230 Corry Road, Memphis 38106K-1901-452-2682
KIPP Memphis Preparatory Middle*2230 Corry Road, Memphis 381066th-7th901-881-5128
KIPP Memphis Collegiate Elementary School 230 Henry Avenue, Memphis 38107K-4th901-791-9391
KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle School230 Henry Avenue, Memphis 381075th-8th901-791-9390
KIPP Memphis Collegiate High School2110 Howell Avenue, Memphis 381079th-12th901-791-9792
KIPP Memphis University Middle School*3966 Sewanee Road
Memphis, TN 38109
Leadership Preparatory Charter School4190 Elliston Rd Memphis, TN 38111K-2nd901-512-4495
Libertas School of Memphis*3777 Edenburg Drive, Memphis, TN 38127PK-1901-609-3611
Lester Prep*320 Carpenter Street Memphis, TN 381126th-8th901-416-3640
Klondike Preparatory Academy*1250 Vollintine Road, Memphis 38107K-5th901-310-1999
Memphis Academy of Health Sciences Middle School3608 Hawkins Mills, Memphis, TN 381286th-8th901-213-4123
Memphis Academy of Health Sciences High School (MAHS)3925 Chelsea Avenue Exd, Memphis 381089th-12th901-382-1441
Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering1254 Jefferson Ave, Memphis 381046th-12th901-333-1580
Memphis Business Academy Elementary School2450 Frayser Blvd, Memphis 38127K-5th901-353-1475
Memphis Business Academy Middle School3306 Overton Crossing, Memphis 381276th-8th901-357-2711
Memphis Business Academy High School3306 Overton Crossing, Memphis 381279th-12th901-357-8680
Memphis College Preparatory Elementary School1500 Dunn Ave, Memphis 38106K-5th901-620-6475
Memphis Delta Prep1566 S. Orleans St. Memphis, TN 38106K-4th901-848-2325
Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory168 Jefferson Ave, Memphis 381036th-8th901-474-0955
Memphis Rise Academy5130 Raleigh Lagrange Rd, Memphis, TN 381346th-7th901-379-5750
MLK Prep*1530 Dellwood Avenue
Memphis, TN 38127
Moving Ahead School of Scholars229 S. Danny Thomas Blvd Memphis, TN 38126K-3rd901-528-2337
Memphis School of Excellence4450 South Mendenhall Road, Memphis 381416th-12th901-367-7814
New Consortium of Law and Business62 North Main6th-12th
Omni Prep Academy -North Pointe Elementary School3385 Austin Peay Hwy, Memphis, TN 38128K-4th901-828-4912
Omni Prep Academy-North Pointe Middle School3385 Austin Peay Hwy, Memphis, TN 381285th-8th901-828-4912
Power Center Academy Elementary School6120 Winchester Road
Memphis, TN 38115
Power Center Academy Middle School6120 Winchester Road, Memphis 381156th-8th901-333-6874
Power Center Academy High School5396 Mendenhall Square Mall Memphis, TN 381199th-12th901-310-1331
Promise Academy - Spring Hill*3796 Frayser Raleigh Road Memphis, TN 38128K-3rd901-410-0284
Promise Academy1346 Bryan Street, Memphis 38108K-5th901-324-4456
Scholar Academies - Florida Kansas*90 West Olive Avenue, Memphis, TN 38106K-6th901-416-7874
Scholar Academies - Caldwell Guthrie*951 Chelsea Ave, Memphis, TN 38107K-5th901-305-9983
Scholar Academies - Raleigh Egypt*4215 Alice Ann Dr, Memphis, TN 381286th-8th901-305-9983
Soulsville Charter School1115 College St, Memphis 381066th-12th901-946-2535
Southern Avenue Charter Elementary School2221 Democrat Road, MemphisK-5th901-743-7335
Southern Avenue Charter Middle School2185 Democrat Road, Memphis 381326th-8th901-744-6644
STAR Academy3260 James Road, Memphis 38128K-5th901-387-5050
The Excel Center1490 Norris Rd Memphis, TN 38106Age 18+, high school non-completers901-323-6221 ext 119
Veritas College Preparatory690 Mississippi Blvd, Memphis 381266th-8th901-526-1900
Vision Prep260 Joubert Ave. Memphis, TN 38109K-3rd901-775-1018
W.E.B. DuBois Elementary School of Arts and Technology817 Brownlee Rd, Memphis, TN 38116K-5th901-801-6164
W.E.B. DuBois Elementary School of Entrepreneurship4475 S Germantown Rd Memphis, TN 38125K-5th901-331-3436
W.E.B. DuBois High School of Leadership and Public Policy1880 Prospect Memphis, TN 38106
W.E.B. DuBois High School of Arts and Technology111 S. Highland # 189 Memphis, TN 381119-12th901-331-3436
W.E.B. DuBois Consortium of Charter Schools817 Brownlee Rd, Memphis, TN 38116K-10th901-801-6171
Wooddale Middle School*3467 Castleman St
Memphis, TN 38118
*Denotes ASD charter. Students zoned to state Priority schools are eligible to attend an ASD charter.