Applying for a Charter

Submitting a high quality charter application is an enormous undertaking.  The application itself is over a hundred pages.  It carefully details every aspect of a school’s design, business plan, and systems; the result of months and even years of planning and refining.  Understanding the common characteristics of both a strong school and a strong application is a must.  To support the submission of high-quality applications, TCSC offers training, resources, and fee-based consulting services.


If you are considering applying for a charter, our video “Charter Applications 101” is critical.  It outlines the process, requirements, and characteristics of a strong charter school application.

The following websites contain useful information about applying for a charter school in Tennessee.  Please note: the Achievement School District updates its information annually.


For newly-authorized schools, the start-up year can be both exciting and daunting.  To support the strongest start and successful launch of these schools, TCSC offers Launch School.

Launch School

Launch School is a year-long incubation support program for approved charter operators.  It is designed to reinforce the knowledge and skills of schools that have received charter school authorization and replicating charter school leaders; coaching them through the incubation process and preparing them for the successful launch of their schools.  Through its innovative blended learning model, leaders preparing to open schools across the state can access the following.

Launch School Graphic

For more information about Launch School, please email Michelle Doane, Director of School Development Programs, at