Proof Point Day: College Begins in Kindergarten

Jordan and Harlem Ray proudly show off their first of many diplomas!

Jordan and Harlem Ray proudly show off their first of many diplomas!

When we picture a graduation, we picture high school students embarking on college and college students embarking on the real world. Graduation looks different at Purpose Prep.

Today, the inaugural kindergarten class celebrated graduation by shouting well-rehearsed multiples of 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s to a crowd of overjoyed family members and community supporters. They recited the names of the continents with corresponding facts about climate, culture and languages. Their love of learning was as evident as their teacher’s pride in announcing that all of her students are reading at and above grade level.

Guest speaker Rep. Harold Love Jr. said, “When words about college enter the conversation, the question isn’t about if you will go to college, but where will you go to college.” For families, this was the first of many graduations, including high school and college, to come. Today is Proof Point Day, of which many students at Purpose Prep are a shining example.

Proof Point Day is a celebration of first-generation college graduates (FG’s), future FG’s and FG allies. It aims to inspire attention, appreciation and support for future and current first-generation college goers – similar to the way Earth Day inspired attention to environmental ideas. Across the country thousands of FG’s, future FG’s and FG allies are wearing green to serve as a vocal and visible proofpoints.

Now picture this: a day when hundreds of thousands of first-generation college graduates (FG’s), or future FG’s, are walking the streets, boarding buses and subways, driving to work or class, wearing green and serving as a vocal and visible example for thousands of kids.

Please join us in celebrating Proof Point Day by taking a few minutes to share these great stories, photos and videos:

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With its entire senior class entering college this fall, LEAD Public Schools is aiming to create even more #proofpoints:

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