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The Tennessee Charter School Center is focused on developing a unified, comprehensive voice for advocates of high-quality public education options in Tennessee. We believe that this begins with a “grassroots” effort—from the bottom up—to influence public policy at local, state, and national levels. By engaging parents, teachers, and other supporters, we can communicate our vision for high performing charter schools and advocate for autonomy, accountability and choice in public education.

Who can be an Advocate with the TCSC?

ANYONE who believes that charter schools are providing and can continue to provide a high-quality public education to all students can be a grassroots advocate.

What does it mean to be an Advocate?

Charter schools depend on community involvement to thrive. The purpose of charter school advocacy is to express to elected and appointed officials the importance of supporting charter schools in our communities. Everyone—including family and friends, teachers, parent groups, civic organizations, and others—can be advocates for charter schools. Together, we can help policy-makers understand how charter schools are impacting students’ and families’ lives by providing the opportunity for a high-quality education in our communities.

How do I become an Advocate?

Joining our listerv as a first step will get you added to our contact list. You may fill out the form below.

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